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Pastoral Team
Our Columbus Eastwood Church is never just a place, but a people; never just a fold, but always a flock. A structure of brick can no more be a church than your clothes can be you. Our Church is not made up of people who are better than the rest, but people who are trying to become better than they are. The business of our church is to produce Christ-like characters and to equip us in Christ-like service.  

Our mission is to carry out the Gospel Commission to take the gospel to our community and to those with whom we come in contact. We take seriously the proclaiming of the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14 as we function and mingle amongst ourselves and with others. We intentionally share Christ and are committed to the carrying out the objectives of the “Great Advent Movement” which has always been and always  will be what we are all about.

Our School, Eastwood Junior Academy, is an outreach that also augments our fellowship together. Our students receive a quality, state accredited education, in a classroom where our dedicated Christian teachers provide all the scholastic and Christian basics that will be used now and throughout their adult years. We believe that character and habits formed during these early years will mold our children into the image of Christ.  

May our love for each other and our joint love for Christ motivate us to be faithful to our task.

Your Pastor,

Pastor Kyle Baldwin