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Sunset Schedule
For: Westerville, OH
5:10 PM Nov 24, 2017 (Sabbath Starts)
5:09 PM Nov 25, 2017 (Sabbath Ends)

Upcoming Events

Supper Club - Nov 20, Mon 6:30 PM
Weekly Group Bible Study - Nov 22, Wed 7:00 PM
Sabbath School - Nov 25, Sat 9:30 AM
Worship Service - Nov 25, Sat 10:45 AM
Fellowship Dinner - Nov 25, Sat 12:30 PM
Adventurers - Nov 25, Sat 1:30 PM
Personal Ministries: Outreach - Dec 2, Sat 2:00 PM - Meet in the church narthex.
Adventurers - Dec 9, Sat 1:30 PM
Women's Ministry - Dec 9, Sat 2:00 PM
Men’s Ministry - Dec 9, Sat 2:00 PM

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Children's Divisions

Classes enjoy singing, prayer, Bible and character-building stories, interactive role play, sharing, birthday celebrations, and lots of participation in the class program.  Children are taught from the Bible at their level of understanding.  Classes for youth and young adult are also character building in preparation for life’s journey.  We deal with real life issues that confront our young people for this day and age and, more importantly, their future. We teach them to study God's Word.

- Beginners (Birth to Pre-K) (Upper Level)
- Kindergarteners & First Graders (Ground Level)
- Primary (Grades 2-4) (Lower Level)
- Juniors (Grades 5-6) (Lower Level)
- Earliteens (Grades 7-8) (Lower Level)
- Youth (High Schoolers) (Lower Level)